Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Taxi to the main road, hike the overpass, and walk a little farther to the office. Our jobs will be a little easier today, with (very slow) Internet for Dan’s work and more practice with Peachtree’s Payroll program. Not quite a routine yet, but getting there! In the afternoon, Terry Barker and Anbessu are back with the Canadian Work & Witness team; 1 vehicle came to FAYYAA before checking in at their hotel for the next 2 days.
We’ve been invited to join them tonight for dinner at an Arabian restaurant. It’s quite a place, hidden through some back streets. We were shown to a room with cushions around the perimeter of the room - the center of the room was to be our table! The Canadians are a fun bunch and they shared stories with us about their work the last 2 weeks. Our food was served by a small and quick young man; he kept bringing in plates of soup, lamb shanks on rice, chicken parts on rice, fish on rice, also chopped salad and bowls of sauces (some “spicy” and some “no spicy”) and large, flat, thin nunn bread. Dessert was more of the nunn bread, crumbled and mixed with a little honey, and hot fragrant tea. We all took lots of photos of the group sitting and eating this wonderful meal. At the end, there was a prayer time thanking God for the opportunity to serve him in Ethiopia, when the blessings are ours...

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  1. I just saw this after doing my paper route this morning. Looks like I will be done with papers as of sunday, thankfully.
    Doctors are saying I most likely should have back surgery and I am seriously considering it. I am going to try a cortisol spinal shot first to see what that will do. I am told that the only way to actually fix it is to have disc replacement surgery. All other avenues will to only treat the inflamation and pain but will not actually move the disc away from the spinal chord. I'm a little nervous, as can be suspected but I really want this thing to be fixed.
    In other news, we will be creating a Corporation next month to include the tree service and ultimately other services as well.
    Hope that all is well, sounds like you are having fun and learning alot.
    Doggone, I should just made a blog myself as long as this is...
    Love ya