Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Early each morning, before it's light, chanting begins at an Orthodox Christian church near the Tollas' home (and everywhere there are Orthodox Christians).  We were told about it and warned that it might bother us, but we have quickly became accustomed to it and barely hear it each day.

We have "WHEELS!!!"  Last night, Terry gave us the keys to the truck he'd been driving.  We are no longer dependent on someone to take us everywhere! 
The drivers here have much the same attitude that we've seen in all other countries other than the U.S. -- they adjust and cope with the traffic flow, honking sometimes, but just informationally, saying "I'm here next to you" or "I need to go around."  Since we've seen this before, Dan is comfortable driving here (and it's a 5-speed; I'm no help!).  Since Anbessu had already left to take the boys to school, our availability was put to work right away; Sani's sister was having a water problem, so Sani and Eshetu (the live-in guard) loaded huge water containers into the back and we all traveled a short distance to her home to deliver the water.  (I was going to say "a few blocks away," but there are no blocks; we crossed a rocky field, interrupting a local soccer game, before we got to a nearby neighborhood.)
Then it's off to work; more Peachtree research and testing, more website investigation... We joined Anbessu at the Family Restaurant for lunch with the Canadians before they go several directions on their ways home. Two hours and many good-byes later, we returned to the office.   Later in the afternoon, our vehicle was handy again - we got to pick up the boys, Ydia and Abi, from school.
We're learning more Amharic!  "Yes" sounds like "ow" and "No problem" sounds like "chigger-yelem."  Even when our pronunciation isn't great, the Ethiopians seem to appreciate that we're trying!

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