Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

At breakfast this morning, Anbessu told us that he has spoken to Ermias, the Field leader (who has returned from holiday), and that they have agreed that Janet & I will spend another week at Fayyaa before we are to begin our work at the Horn of Africa Field Office.  Hani rode with us today to the office so she can begin working as an apprentice there.

Mid-morning, Anbessu came by our desks to tell us that plans have changed (flexibility is our byword!) and we are to go to the Field Office next week and return to help at Fayyaa the first week of March. We both are anxious to train the employees at Fayyaa in the software features that will make their jobs more efficient and their records and reporting easier.  Maybe we’ll have a chance yet this week; otherwise, it will have to wait.

After another nice dinner (spaghetti with sauce and salad) made by Sani and her girls, we were excitedly told that we should go outside and look!  For several hours, we had been hearing music, a drum beat, and preaching on the loudspeakers from the nearby St. Michael’s Orthodox Church, but hadn’t thought too much about it, as this happens often. (The loudspeakers broadcast anything that’s going on inside and many people just squat outside to listen and worship, any time of day.)  But tonight was special! There was a celebration going on and there was a huge crowd outside, all with candles or torches, singing and clapping and saying “Amen!”   Sani explained that it was a monthly fellowship of sorts that included several Orthodox churches. It was actually quite glorious.   Dan got his camera to record some video; even as a nighttime event, the audible portion is inspiring…

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