Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, 16 February 2009

This morning, we were happy to give a ride to 3 gentlemen guests from the house to FAYYAA.  Along the way, it was so interesting to watch all the people walking to work and school. It's easy to see where the schools must be; the students were walking in the direction of their school, wearing their school uniforms.  We saw some in red sweaters with green slacks or skirts, then turquoise sweaters with navy bottoms.  After that were students in red sweaters with black bottoms, then tan sweaters with green bottoms, all with white shirts. (Ydidia and Abi wear gray sweaters and navy pants to their school.)  We actually had plenty of time to people-watch, because traffic soon stopped completely, for probably 15 minutes, before we found out why; on the opposing side of the divided 4 lane road came a large group of cyclists!  The traffic had been stopped for Tour Africa 2009 to come through.  Afterwards, it still took some time for the bottleneck to break loose.  Our usual "commute" of less than 15 minutes became over 30 minutes...

This afternoon, I was asked to participate in the interviews of 6 candidates (2 women and 4 men) for 2 junior accountant positions at FAYYAA.  These interviews were conducted in English and, while I thought I would simply listen to the Q&A, I was chosen to ask many of the questions, while the 5 gentleman interviewers (including Markos and Yohannes "Jon", the senior accountant) assessed the qualifications and answers,  I had to listen very carefully to each of the candidates as they were all soft-spoken and had different accents.  How interesting it was to be able to participate!  Dan is working to reconstruct the website from some old content information while decisions are being made to either keep trying to gain information from the original designer or go to a new host and design. 

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  1. Interviewing in English? Are they required to speak English as part of the job? Are the kids being taught English in School?