Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How we became involved in Missions.

We serve at the South County Church of the Nazarene in St. Louis, Missouri. Dan’s first experience with world missions was with a Work and Witness team that traveled to Puerto Rico. Together we traveled with the Missouri District Work & Witness team to Guam in 2004 to help with the remodeling of a church. Dan’s involvement with the Global NYI Quiz ministry developed our increased awareness of the international church. This along the post retirement desire to make productive use of their God given skills and abilities led to a growing interest to investigate the World Mission arm of the Nazarene Church.
In fall 2005, they participated in a Cross Cultural Orientation (CCO) workshop and explored volunteer opportunities with Mission Corps. That experience inspired them to join another Work & Witness team, in 2006, to Ecuador to work on a Nazarene District Center. In 2007 Mission Corps connected them with Extreme Nazarene Missions which led to participation as part of the leadership team for the KidZone ‘07 event in Pilar, Argentina. They returned with Extreme ’08 a few months later, when the Bruno Radi Convention Center was completed and dedicated.

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