Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adjusting Down under.

When we’d been in Australia about a week, we borrowed the college van and, using a street directory, we drove to Wellington Point, where there’s a large park at the beach.  It was a crowded Sunday afternoon and, after we finally found a spot, Dan parked parallel – accomplished with ease on the left side of the street after having driven on the left side of all the roads!  

NTC – first week

Close neighbors here. The Wallabies.
We see them most every day.
We could only imagine what a relief the warm, sub-tropical climate of Australia would feel like after the 2014 winter in the Midwest in the States– and it’s wonderful!  Bruce and Jacquie Allder picked us up early on Saturday, February 8, at the international airport in Brisbane after a long (but not uncomfortable) flight from Los Angeles.  Bruce is the Principal of Nazarene Theological College where we’ll be working. Getting acquainted, we all enjoyed our ride to the college.  After lugging our suitcases up to our second floor dorm suite, we began unpacking into the closets and drawers. We found that our kitchen was stocked with plenty for a few days’ “brekkies” (breakfasts). We were showered and almost completely unpacked 2 hours later, so we walked to the Allders’ home for a drive to lunch and around this part of Brisbane’s suburbs. Not unlike the States, there are numerous shopping areas with lots of restaurants.  Unlike the States, there are lots of round-abouts at intersections; those will take some practice, especially negotiating from the left side of the road!