Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adjusting Down under.

When we’d been in Australia about a week, we borrowed the college van and, using a street directory, we drove to Wellington Point, where there’s a large park at the beach.  It was a crowded Sunday afternoon and, after we finally found a spot, Dan parked parallel – accomplished with ease on the left side of the street after having driven on the left side of all the roads!  

Having come prepared with beach shoes, we changed, to walk in the sand and water.  Making our way through the park, it was fun to see the families picnicking, walking on the sand, and playing in the water.  Compared to the mid-winter we had just left back in the US, this was a Sunday afternoon we could get used to.

It was a windy day and there were many kite surfers catching both the wind and the waves!  How strong they must be, to maneuver their kites (more like parachutes!) and their surfboards!

We so enjoyed a little time at the beach, feeling free to tackle this new assignment in a new place, with new work, and new friends.

God watched over us, helping us find our way through all the details!  We are so looking forward to serving here.

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