Sunday, February 26, 2012

Is it already the end of February?

We found on Tuesday (silly Americans) that the holiday from Monday was one of the two-day variety, so we had another day off! We did go to work, but only for the morning, then just had to take another swim in the new pool! We visited with Anna Melva again (she was having computer issues) but didn’t want to stay long; she’s still in mucho dolor (a lot of pain) from her tumor surgery 2 weeks ago. She and her mother received a gift of a large crate of grapes – and they gave us a couple of big bunches, delicious!

Thea is beginning to put aside things for us that she can’t take home, so we’re taking those things from her – some to use and some to store for future missionaries. She came over to our house to play Farkle one evening and was thrilled when she won both rounds!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines and Carneval

It’s a holiday here in Argentina, Carneval, and we get a day off work too; well, a day out of the office anyway. Dan’s working on security camera wiring and a presentation for Christian Sarmiento to use at Naz HQ tomorrow!

Last week included Valentine’s Day and, while it’s not celebrated in a huge way here, I wanted to share Valentine’s Day treats with our co-workers. I get any number of emails with creative ideas for cooking and holidays, so I had an idea in mind. We bought a bag of lollipops and made colored paper into hearts and leaves, using glue to make them into Valentine flower-pops, and standing them up in a plastic container filled with cracked corn.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time flys when...

¿De dónde las dos últimas semanas a ir?  Where did the last two weeks go?
I’m sure we ate 42 meals, handled 6-8 loads of laundry, each had 4 Spanish classes and did lots of homework, worked in the offices, went to the big grocery store twice and walked to the local tienda 4 times… it just flew by!

The first week was full of details to be worked out before the second week’s SAM (South AMerica) Regional meetings. Leaders from all over South America were coming for strategy meetings and I (Janet) had to keep a schedule of their flights and the trips to the airport for their “comings” and their “goings.”  The spreadsheet for the airport runs changed several times each day, but we finally made it; they’ve all flown back to their home countries!

Dan continues to deal with software and hardware issues around the compound as well as being the go-to guy for issues on any of the leaders computers as Josh, the IT director for the region (from his home in Idaho), asks him to be his hands here.