Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time flys when...

¿De dónde las dos últimas semanas a ir?  Where did the last two weeks go?
I’m sure we ate 42 meals, handled 6-8 loads of laundry, each had 4 Spanish classes and did lots of homework, worked in the offices, went to the big grocery store twice and walked to the local tienda 4 times… it just flew by!

The first week was full of details to be worked out before the second week’s SAM (South AMerica) Regional meetings. Leaders from all over South America were coming for strategy meetings and I (Janet) had to keep a schedule of their flights and the trips to the airport for their “comings” and their “goings.”  The spreadsheet for the airport runs changed several times each day, but we finally made it; they’ve all flown back to their home countries!

Dan continues to deal with software and hardware issues around the compound as well as being the go-to guy for issues on any of the leaders computers as Josh, the IT director for the region (from his home in Idaho), asks him to be his hands here.  

All in all, it was a great opportunity to at least meet some of the Godly leaders from across the region we have been hearing from and working with remotely over the past several months.

In the midst of all that, Thea was exhausted, coping with her new medically-necessary diet and the fatigue of her illness. I decided to help with the cooking to save her energy for other things.  I spent all one Sunday (then Monday evening) boiling potatoes, baking eggs, cooking rice, making banana pancakes and baking cheese scones – all with ingredients cleared by her doctor and the book she bought - “Living WELL with Gastroparesis!”
Neo stays out of the rain.

There were several rainy days too, so now we’re dealing with the growing population of mosquitos and looking at a forescast in the 90s for the next week. The nice part is that quickly after the rains pass, the humidity leaves also and we are back to the more pleasant dry heat.

God is good!  He’s held up the families of two friends, Dawn and Anna Melva; both had serious surgeries in this time. Both friends are expected to do very well, with ample time for recovery. Thea has decided to return to the States for her health and to work remotely as she is able.  We continue to pray for our friends in the States on deputation tours, and for their safe return to the Field – we miss them!

In other news, with the opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Christian Sarmiento (our Regional Director) while he was here lead to conversations about the future, we have been asked and agreed to continue in a working relationship with the offices here doing much of the same kind of support functions, only remotely.   With our commitments to the US Bible Quiz events and possible global training needs, our next several months are already filling up but there are still many ways we can be useful to God's work here in South America.

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