Sunday, October 23, 2011

Arriving in Argentina

Friday 14 Oct 2011
Our Flight
We made it! A very nice, bilingual lady was willing to swap seats on the plane so we could sit together on the 10-hour flight. We were served a nice dinner (chicken, veggies, pasta) and a breakfast of egg-biscuit, yogurt, juice and coffee. We landed in Buenos Aires just a little later than scheduled; a tailwind helped make up for a late start from Atlanta. Having sat in the back of the plane (last ones off!), it took some time to get through Customs and retrieve our luggage, but Thea Hansen was there to meet us – how good it was to see a smiling and familiar (from Skyping) face! She had arrived 2 hours earlier with driver Ricardo (who we remembered from our participation with Extreme Nazarene Ministries here almost 4 years ago). Our ride to Pilar took over an hour but some of the highway ride looked familiar. Ricardo happened to mention coffee and, finding out that there was a new Starbucks at Las Palmas (the shopping center closest to where we’re staying), we decided to get revived before we actually got to our new home.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

God's Plan - 2011

While it's just been a short time since Janet resigned from working at Joy FM, our local Christian radio station, God's certainly been working "behind" the scenes!  We communicated to the Mission Mobilization office that we were more available, and soon we were told of an opportunity that could use both our sets of business skills!

After a few electronic communications to clarify the assignment and schedules, we've finalized the details for travel.  In only 2 weeks we'll be on the ground in Pilar, Argentina (just outside Buenos Aires), for an-almost-6-month stay!