Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Happy 87th Birthday MOM! 
Today's church service at the District Center was impressive!  Paul joined us too, walking over from the hotel.  There was over an hour of music and prayer - and Hani and Kuku are in the 6-member choir. They are beautiful young women!  Markos, one of the junior accountants at FAYYAA, gave a great message - in English - about God's faithfulness, with a personal story about when he was a student in the U.S.  Our friend Anteneh translated to Amharic for the congregation.  We drove back to the house with all the girls, who promptly fixed lunch for us.
We decided to spend a lazy afternoon, resting and reading, then we went for a walk - west, down the main road of this neighborhood.  Even late on a Sunday afternoon, there was much activity - many people were walking, or waiting for taxis and buses.  We enjoyed the exercise and the amazing variety of sights: goats for sale (live or just the head!), foosball tournaments at the roadside, butcher shops, donkeys ready for a load, a honking wedding procession, produce stands, new home construction...   In the evenings, we sometimes watch soccer matches (Ydidia's favorite team is Manchester United!) or BBC news programs on TV, to keep up with the world news. 

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