Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday, 21 February 2009

We decided to spend the morning again in the Ethiopian Bible College in the Nazarene Field Office building, as its wireless Internet service is good and Dan needs to download some software to help him rework the FAYYAA website. It’s also great to catch up on our e-mail. Sani rode with us as she has a prayer service to attend in the same building.  We went home for lunch....

Buzeh, the house girl, prepared the coffee in the afternoon.  Later, we understood that Kuku and Hani were expected to be at the church for choir practice at the church and, since Anbessu was busy with meetings, we volunteered to take them and wait.  We could easily use the time; Dan could find a place to plug in his laptop to continue working and I had taken out another Christian novel from the library... Then all the boys wanted to go too! So all 5 piled into the back seat of our borrowed truck.  John kept an eye Ydidia and Abi and they all played football (soccer) in the open area inside the compound walls. One of the guards there played too, until the practice was finally over and we headed home.

After dinner, we watched some British football on TV.  Anbessu knew that I was expected to learn how to prepare the coffee ceremony and wondered why I had not learned yet. Then he said, “Maybe before Jesus comes, you will prepare the coffee ceremony!”  I won’t hold my breath :)  I know they’ll teach me when there’s a good time!

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