Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

We finally made it to FAYYAA offices in time for devotions today.  They have devotions in the office every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:15(ish).  Devotions had started when we arrived but they are very open to people walking in at any time as they arrive. (The traffic and travel complications make arriving anywhere at a certain time difficult at best.) The speaker was Hana, the primary office assistant/secretary.  She is the one that helped me (Dan) get the roses last Friday.  She is a pastor’s wife here in Addis and has 2-year-old twins at home.
Hana was speaking in Amharic but was clearly sharing from scripture passages of King Saul, David and Joseph. After prayer time, Anbessu summed up the lesson for us: “If we are faithful to God, He will be faithful to us.”  It is amazing that, during the lesson when Janet and I could not understand any of the teaching, I was clearly impressed, on a matter that is part of our lives back home, to trust and honor God in our handling of the topic.  Then, as we got to our e-mail today, there was a message from our daughter Monica that spoke of some amazing events in her life that are teaching her the same things. The ongoing evidence of God’s caring and presence is all around us if we will just pay attention.  Praise God!!!

We will try again this weekend to put some pictures in these posts so our descriptions have more meaning...

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  1. Greeting from St. Louis! Hope you guys are having fun. It sounds like it so far!! Phantom says hi too! Miss you guys!! Love you!!