Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Today was a slow day, with little to do in the morning. We walked the 3-4 blocks to the office building we had toured the first day. Paul had to wait for someone to buy supplies for the repairs he came ready to work on. The power was out for part of the morning and we began to identify how and where we could use the wireless networks in the building. We had a good conversation with Anteneh, a young man who we met 2 years ago at the Third Wave Conference in Johannesburg.
He wanted to discuss the importance of evangelism in the exploding church in Ethiopia, while he’s very passionate about youth ministry. Anteneh walked us to his next-to-favorite pizza place, where the 4 of us shared 2 typical pizzas. Our afternoon was spent in the library of the office compound where we were able to check our e-mail and spent more time building this blog. Dinner again at our hotel’s restaurant, where we and Paul shared their only menu in English and shared food as well…

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  1. What sort of food is on the menu? What is their pizza like? Are the streets filled more with pedestrians or trucks?