Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

We made a list of the things we absolutely have to accomplish today and, after a stop at the Field Office and a shop for baskets, we drove back to FIDA, only to find out that there was no electricity - again!  Dan spent a little time with Yohannes, showing him (on battery) some of the special features of the MacBook he’ll be getting for the Finance Office.  We checked off a few things, shared a delicious lamb kebab lunch then went back to the Field Office for some necessary computer tasks (somewhere with electricity!).

We must print some photos and stop a couple more places before getting the boys from school.  Hanna, the FIDA office manager, called to say we must come back there as they have a gift for us!

Sani is going to fix a special dinner for us and we’ll enjoy it with her family tonight before we pack our things for the 24 hours or so of travel tomorrow.  It’s hard to think of leaving these friends, very hard.  Of course, we’re just as excited about getting home!  Anbessu will be back in Addis this afternoon and will drive us to the airport very early tomorrow morning...

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