Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, 5 March 2009

We’ve been back at FAYYAA since Tuesday.  Dan is continuing his work on their web site; he’s on his third (and hopefully, final) software package to do this, but feels that he is finally making good progress.  I’m back in the accounting office, updating their financial procedures manual to conform to standards necessary to make contracts with U.S. funding entities.  (They’ve hired 2 new gentlemen in this department who are working on inventorying and labeling desks and chairs and computers, according to the funding given to purchase them.)  BUT, the electricity was off when we got there... (some refer to this as TIA, This is Africa)

And, after a couple of hours of little progress on anything without electricity, Dan called Getachew at the Field Office to see if there was power there - and there was!  So we got permission to leave, taking an accounting laptop to work on and the necessary papers, and drove over. We set up in the third floor meeting room we had used last week, and began working for a few minutes, until the power went out all over this neighborhood too.  We couldn’t even get a couple of coffees at the corner - no power anywhere so we returned to FAYYAA after lunch and stopping our favorite restaurant for apple pie ala mode and peach cobbler (the power was on there)! After a month here we have been spoiled because we have only seen a few brief random outages.  Today the power was out all day...  It only came back on at 5:30PM as the work day was ending.  Just when we thought we were adapting to the culture, this day caused some frustrations for us.  Ishy(OK), Lord, we still have many lessons to learn.

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