Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday, 6 March 2009

Today was my(Dan) day to do the morning devotions at Fayyaa. The challenge was not having something to share, but getting through traffic in time to do it. We left the house early just for this reason with Hani and the boys and the plan was to take the boys to the office and let one to the drivers there take them on to school as was often done. As we moved along the first leg of our daily route it was usually crowded and slow so concern was rising for getting to the office in time to lead devotions. At the end of this first leg is a corner and a opportunity to take a walking bridge across the main highway arriving near the office. I often have been letting Janet and Hani out to take this shortcut while I go with the truck on the only route available which take another 15-30 minutes (due to traffic bottlenecks). Today that was not a workable option...

About 2 blocks from the bridge, one of the boys said “there is the driver”. He was walking along the roadside like many other people to everyday. I immediately pulled over out of the crawling traffic to let him in. After a brief conversation it was clear that he could take the truck with the boys to school allowing me to ‘take the short-cut’. It was a God-thing and we made it in plenty of time. I shared some thoughts on Proverbs 19:6 with some examples of how God works in the details of what we think are our plans to accomplish his will.

In the office, the day was again interrupted a few times with power outages. Even the people that work here full time are surprised by these last couple of days. In spite of the outages I made some progress today. We are also starting to look at what needs to be done as we draw close (less than 2 weeks) to the end of our time here.

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