Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sani was concerned about how I (Janet) was doing this morning; ate only a little breakfast and wished I could just stay in bed today.  But we got going in the truck, with Kuku and Hani.  Dan dropped us all off at the overpass/bridge to walk across the highway so as not to be late.  Kuku catches another bus there to go to here nursing classes, so Hani and I went on the to office, leaving Dan to cope with the “morning commute.”
Devotions went well, even though I teared up as I explained how good God has been to me and how he showed me my “new song” in Psalm 40:3.  Napkins were fetched to dry my eyes so I could continue.  When I was finished, Anbessu retold my story in Amharic for those who aren’t as fluent in English, then finished the time in prayer. After that,  Anbessu lead a special triple Ethiopian blessing for me and then he joked, “If you preach tomorrow, we’ll bless you 4 times!” as everyone laughed!  Dan finally arrived at FIDA forty minutes after he dropped us off... Traffic!

We did have electricity this morning, so there was some time for Dan to continue working on the website before our meeting with Ermias later this morning. It’s coming along and Dan was able to show his progress to Anbessu last night.  As folks get to know us and understand Dan’s skills with computers, he’s also being asked to do some repairs on laptops; some things he can do, some not.  And I getting concerned about the short time left to do some Peachtree training so their payroll records will be more complete and accurate. John, the senior accountant, is now hoping I can do this Friday afternoon and next Monday, since the HHA auditor will keep him busy for several days.

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