Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NYI Training assignments 09

Since our return from Ethiopia the summer was filled with planning and participating in NYI Quiz events including the Global NYI convention in Orlando mid-year.  This was a wonderful opportunity to visit with leaders and friends from across the Nazarene denomination.  During one of these conversation we received a invitation to help out with some training workshops for Quizzing in South Korea.  
Not wanting the NYI to invest that much travel expense without at least trying to reap more benefits, Dan contacted the youth ministry coordinator for that region to ask if there were other areas of the region that could use this training also.

To make a long explanation much shorter, we are about to make not one but two trips to the Asia Pacific region for the purpose to holding workshops.  The first one is a rather full schedule and the second a little more relaxed but we will do our best to post our experiences and how God is working in and through the leaders in these diverse locations (and us).

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