Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Post trip recovery

We have learned in the past that the best way to adjust (or re-adjust) to the time differences of travel is to immediately start operating according to the time you are in, not what you have left. This trip has taken us at least 3 days to get our body clocks adjusted. Our thoughts and dreams are being more reluctant as they are still filled with the images, conversations and relationships of God’s people in Ethiopia.

Many people here are asking how was our trip, what is was like and did it meet our expectation? The reality is that it will take awhile for the full impact, purpose, meaning and blessings of the last 6 weeks to have their full impact on us. The one overriding truth we have known all along is that this opportunity to serve, learn, and be stretched in so many ways, is God’s doing alone. We praise Him for the opportunity to serve and for all those who have joined us in prayer and support.

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