Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aussie language lesson

The Aussies’ language is SO interesting! Of course, it’s English and we’re grateful that we can recognize a good deal of it. But, after a couple of months of tuning our ears to the Aussie accent, we’ve only begun to understand the differences in everyday terms! And, yes, they do actually say, “G’day, mate!”

Tah = thanks
Bench = kitchen counter
Morning Tea = coffee/tea break
Tea or Afternoon Tea = supper in the evening
“How ya going?” = How are you?
“Fair dinkum?” = Are you telling the truth?
Lounge room = living room
Lounge = couch

The grocery store is another place filled with different terms; thank goodness for pictures on packaging!

Biscuits = cookies
Scones = biscuits (say “skonz”)
Mince = ground meat
Icy poles = popsicles
Rock melon = cantaloupe
Capsicum = bell pepper

Additionally, since Aussies drive on the left, they also stay to the left on foot paths (sidewalks), in the car park (parking lot), and in grocery store aisles.  I’ve nearly crashed into several people as I instinctively head for the right-hand side – walking, not driving! But Dan’s been very successful in staying on the left-hand side when driving!

Another amazing experience we are having, is that many folks here have commented how they enjoy 'our' accents.  

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