Saturday, August 24, 2013

The consistency of change...

continues in our lives. We had our plans for this summer and God has once again shown that His plans are always better.  He is continuing to open doors of useful service for us.

Our plans…

It’s been fun being back in the States for May – August, although some of it wasn’t at home! (And hasn’t this summer’s weather been strange?!  It surely doesn’t feel like August here in the Midwest!). Our daughter, Erica, had enjoyed having the house to herself and she adopted 2 beautiful kittens that have already grown up! Soon after arriving home, we had physicals, eye exams, and dental appointments; so far, we’re disgustingly healthy! 

We were home for about a week when we drove out to North Carolina to visit our sons and daughter-in-law, Derick & Nola and Darin too (he lives with them). We stayed about 3 days and brought back “Big Bird”, a yellow motorcycle that we bought from them!  Dan is really enjoying the bike, replacing the seats and getting helmets and jackets for both of us.  He went to an all-day certification class and got his license, as he hadn’t had a bike since his oldest daughter, Marcy, was a toddler.

We were home a few days more before we flew to Boston for a Bible Quiz event at Eastern Nazarene College, flanked by some time with Marcy and her family, in southern Massachusetts.  Their kids are starting college sophomore year, senior year of high school, and 6th grade.  Our other daughter, Monica, and her 2 kids visited us here for a weekend too, so we got to see almost everyone in May.  In June, Dan returned to Argentina for 10 days for a techie project with Josh, a missionary based in Idaho, whose forte is also IT (information technology).  They work together well and “geek-talk” constantly, so full of ideas when they Skype or get together in person! Josh has been responsible for “all things IT” in the South America Region and Dan has enjoyed working with him. 

We enjoyed a week in Indianapolis for Nazarene General Assembly, which is only held every 4 years, and got to reconnect with Nazarenes from all over the world that we haven’t seen in a long time!  It was a wonderful time of fellowship and great preaching! In July, Dylan visited for a week and later Caity came for a 3-day visit; they’ve had a busy summer too.

We hosted some missionary friends too. David and Jodi Cooper are now serving in South Africa. (He was one of our trainers in 2005 when we attended our Cross-Cultural Orientation training.)  We went to 2 Cardinals games this summer and helped with Vacation Bible School at our church. It’s been a busy summer but there’s been a little time to relax too!

And what God has planned for us…

We had been sensing that it was time for some changes in our assignments as our work load in Argentina was getting lighter.  While at the meetings in Indianapolis, we did not seek other options, but they found us!  One opportunity is independent of a single location as Dan was invited to join a team for Global Nazarene Missions IT support.  So, in light of Dan’s increase in global IT involvement and our availability to relocate for short periods of time, I’m excited to report that we’re leaving on August 25 to work for 3 months in Büsingen, Germany, at the Nazarene Eurasia Regional Office. Dan will work with the Regional IT director and leader of the new global team, Brad Firestone, and Janet will assist his wife Nancy with her overwhelming administrative responsibilities for the Eurasia region. We explained the situation to the South American leaders and have “resigned” from serving there, although we’re still helping online for a while. They’ve been very supportive!

One great thing is that we’ll be home for Christmas this year! And, with the global IT involvement and the experience of working with an education facility, we will be ready for our next assignment that is already in the works for 2014.

So now God is leading us to serve in Europe and we’re open to His new direction for serving, growing and learning. It continues to be so much easier to leave when we know that our daughter, Erica, does such a great job taking care of things here!

It is also important to us to have all of you continuing to share in these times as you support us in every way possible.  Your prayers and various communications give us encouragement, grace, wisdom, and strength when it is needed most.  We could not serve in this way without your continued friendship and support. 

For those who can also share by helping with the financial aspects of our service, there is a convenient, online option at our mission web page,, which is also referenced in the right-hand panel of our blog – 

Charitable donations can also be made payable to ‘General Treasurer Church of the Nazarene’.   Each donation should be clearly marked with:  ‘Eurasia – Dan and Janet Reinhart – Mission Corps’   and sent through your local Nazarene church or mailed to:
 Church of the Nazarene, P.O. Box 843116, Kansas City, MO 64184.

However you are able to share in this ministry, we truly appreciate it and thank God for your part in our lives.  May you find His blessings in your everyday lives as we walk this way together.

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