Monday, March 26, 2012

Pieces and parts

With my laptop all charged up, I’m typing as we’re on our way to the airport to pick up the Claytons. David and Pamela are the couple who has answered the call for replacements for us in the SAM Regional Office. Their skills seem to be very close to ours, so the next two weeks’ training should go well. The clouds are burning off with the sun coming up; it should be a beautiful fall day! Following the calendar, it has turned to autumn here this week. There are still warm days, but cooler nights and more variables – some mornings are foggy, some have a little rain.

Skype has become our best friend, connecting us 4 times last Tuesday, to get our Spanish lessons and give Mission Coaching sessions. It’s hard to imagine what it would have been like to do this a few years ago, without the latest technology!

Constantly in the back of our minds, we’re formulating lists of what knowledge and procedures we need to pass along!
We’d been monitoring the Internet for emails from Thea, with results of her surgery last Thursday. We were able to Skype with her Thursday morning to wish her well and to get some pointers on handling some of her work while she’s recuperating. She was hopeful that the gall bladder removal would be the key to her recovery from gastroparesis. And, Friday morning, there was a Facebook posting from her fiancé that the surgery had gone well and that she had practically “inhaled” a turkey sandwich afterward! It was so good to hear that she felt good and wanted to eat something normal!
Campo #1

Friday, Dan and Pablo completed the installation of the “MacGyver’ed” satellite-dishes-with-kitchen-sieves wifi signal extenders to operate the security camera at Campo 2 (Dos), the vacant property west of this compound. 

Mirna and Luana
Evenings, while Dan has been “tinkering”, I’ve been knitting, finishing up little gifts for our friends here. And with Friday being quite cool, I decided it was time to start distributing, at least to my morning co-workers! I gave Mirna and Luana matching pink scarves – they turned out pretty cute! And I think Liliana really likes her classy black scarf too.

Campo #2
Saturday was Thea’s birthday (a little time spent on took care of a card for her!). It was also an Argentine holiday, the equivalent of our Memorial Day, so there was more of a wait for the bus to ride to Pilar (fewer buses run on Sundays and holidays). We had hoped to purchase more colectivo (public bus) passes but we hadn’t thought about it being a holiday – the ticket window was closed! A few stores were closed too, taking advantage of the dia de fiesta, but most were open. And lots of Argentines were enjoying a Saturday of shopping. We went to the bank, did some “window shopping”, then to Pilar Point, a small (but 3 level) mall and, since it was lunchtime, enjoyed a delicious pizza in the little food court upstairs. Back on the street level, we picked up a few food items at a grocery store we hadn’t used before. It was much larger than it looked from the outside!

The compound was well-populated this weekend with 2 different church groups having family retreats. It’s fun to watch them enjoying themselves in the central park between meals and services and workshops.

With the school year well in session, it was time also to re-start Escuela Domenical (Sunday School) on Sunday mornings. The bus ministry is strong here and the opening program was outstanding! It was well-rehearsed with an excellent music-and-dance opening! The wooden benches had been pushed up against the walls, creating a perfect dance floor in the center. The program lasted about an hour, with more music and introduction of the “characters” who would be in the weekly skits that demonstrate Bible stories and Christ-like attitudes. All age groups were directed to their classes. The large adult class studied Psalm 1, taught by German – and we’re always glad to hear from him, as he speaks distinctly enough for us to understand most of what he’s teaching or preaching. Then Pastor Hernan took some time with us, explaining the discipleship and evangelistic purposes of the 2 levels of The Master’s Plan curriculum that will be used this year. Maybe we can obtain an English version…

We’re still in awe with how God works all “pieces and parts” of our lives and those around us into an intricate woven pattern! People and places, events and incidences – all working together for a precious journey with Him and for His Glory!

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