Sunday, January 22, 2012

The value of friends.

This week seemed like what is becoming a typical work week now that things are getting back to normal, post holidays.  But as we reflect on the things to share from this time, we see a common thread of friendship and valued co-workers giving and receiving as the Body of Christ within the compound (Regional Office campo).

German (say “hair-MAHN”), one of our coworkers in Communications, and his wife have seen us walking laps around the compound. He gave us a challenge one morning after devotions, that we should speak only Spanish when we walk! Buen idea! We tried it and think it was really beneficial! It forced me, at least, to think of verbs to use with the nouns I know pretty well, things we see on the way, and forced us to practice conversation, which is exactly what we want to be able to do!

Tuesday was the big day of fumigacion! A company came in the afternoon to spray each house and each office for bugs and we had to vacate all those places for 2 hours. We had to leave work early! But Neo suffered the most! He had to be put out of the house and didn’t like that one bit! He stays inside when people are around outside, and here was some guy tromping around and making noise and bad smells! We left the compound in the truck, offering rides to Graciela and Ines, on our way to Jumbo to get groceries, a good way to kill time waiting for the “all clear” to go back home. Ines invited us to her home for mate (MAH-tay, their herb tea), so we went there for a while after groceries. She served mate and showed us photos of her daughters’ quincinieras (sort of “coming out” parties, as fancy as any wedding reception, for 15-year-old girls), and we could identify lots of people we know from church, as well as some of the missionaries! How nice it was, as she said, to get together outside of work! Neo was waiting very close to the door when we returned, anxious to get back inside!

We were especially excited Wednesday – not that we could be there – that Wilmar and Jessica Rojas were traveling to our home church in St. Louis to speak that night! And they would stay in our home, since there’s lots of room and daughter Erica is there to make them feel at home! Jessica sent greetings to us from our church friends and said that they did, indeed, feel very welcome. The boys seemed to enjoy the toys in our living room too and Erica fixed them a nice breakfast before they “hit the road” again!

Thea returned Thursday, exhausted and still not feeling well, as she’s adapting to her new medically-necessary eating schedule. She’s also concerned about catching up and keeping up with her office responsibilities when she has so little energy. We’re trying to be sensitive to her needs and providing rides for church and shopping, as well as supporting her in any way we can.

We’ve increased our lecciones español to a more regular schedule and, therefore, have more tarea (homework) to do! But it’s paying off; we’re learning more and it’s “sticking” better!

Once again we are reminded how, even in the simple things, God is faithful.

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