Friday, March 5, 2010

March 1 – 7, 2010

Tuesday morning, during our morning devotions Dan noted that God had directly addressed a question he had been thinking about while in the shower a few minutes earlier.  It was the issue of questioning whether his work here was useful.  The devotional writer made it clear that the issue is the Lord's responsibility not ours.  We are simply to do be obedient. God is so good at answering our smallest prayer.

At the office we had joint devotions with Nazarene regional partners in Singapore via teleconference.  What a privilege it is to spend time with our leaders there and share our prayer concerns. It's amazing to consider just how big our church is around the world, but just how small the world is, as we get to know more people in it!  I get so excited, learning about what's happening in other locations, the ministries and people involved! 

Tuesday evening's dance class was great fun; we're really learning how to work together!  Four couples, with the instructors, reviewed the ChaCha and added some steps after learning the Swing – how cool is that?!  One more week to go in the class!  Still had to cook some chicken when we got home, so that Wednesday's shepherd's pie would go together more quickly...

Wednesday, we were allowed to leave work early to finish preparing for our guests, our IT coworkers!  Danny and his wife Weng, their nephew Charles, DJ and girlfriend Rose, and Arlene arrived just as it was getting dark.  We started in on the shepherds (or maybe “farmer” pie), rice, and iced tea; played on the Wii; created and  devoured banana splits; and played more games on the Wii, until finally ending the evening a little after 10... what a great time!

Public Transportation
Thursday morning, I had texted the salon in our subdivision, making an appointment for right after work. Dan dropped me off and they were surprised that I was on time – 5:30 means any time after 5:30, really.  It's really a cute shop with lots of cool details like smooth black stones on the floor of the shower in the CR, and relaxing music playing for the massage clients!  Anyway, I was finished in no time and texted Dan to come back and get me and I parked myself on a chair at a table on the cute patio with lots of potted plants inside the fence.  I texted again and one of the shopgirls came out and asked if I was waiting for my husband.  Yes, he'll be here soon.  More texting... Ma'am, do you want some juice?  No, thank you so much; I'm fine.  More texting... no response.  I tried an actual phone call but “That service is not allowed.”  After 20 minutes with no response, I walked across the street and started watching for transportation and hailed an older guy with a pedi-cab, a bicycle with a side-car!  I told him where I lived and kept texting, finally getting a response of “I'm coming!”  I had to respond, “NO!  I'm on my way!” while smoothly riding like a queen over the speed bumps toward our street in the back of the neighborhood!  When my driver got to our street, I told him he could stop, that he didn't have to come down our block which is still VERY bumpy since it was flooded last fall!  Too bad, though, because Dan was waiting with his camera at our gate and I could have had a photo to remember my arrival by tri-bike!  Dan had realized after he was home for a while that his phone wasn't turned ON!!  At least he was sorry about the phone and proud of me that I'd made my own way home!

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