Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Arrival in Manila

We are here.  After 25 hours of travel and both of us with the 'blessings' of varying degrees of cold symptoms (thank to the flu shots we got last week) we can't say it was the best trip we've had but it was ok.
God is Good. Our pass through immigration and customs was one of the fastest we have experienced.  Greg Taylor met us and we are spending the first couple of days with his family while the house we have been assigned to gets final preparations.  Greg and his wife Terri will also be leading our orientation training for the next couple of days.
It's time for rest now as we adjust to the 14 hour difference (ahead) from home.
Nite all. The future looks good from here...

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  1. Hope you are coping with the hot weather. It seems we are have a heat wave of sorts here also. The temperature while in the mid-30's today has effectively swung almost 40 degrees in the past 3 days. Sleep well.